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Free samples and word of mouth

It’s hard to talk about something you’ve never used.

Free samples, one of the oldest marketing techniques, is a proven way to start conversations.  You need to put something in people’s hands to spark the talk.

I got a free sample of a Schick Quattro razor in an order I received from Amazon. I liked it and I’ll probably switch brands.

My wife got one, too. She didn’t like it.

What’s the net word of mouth impact? Probably positive.

  • As a happy user of the product, I’ll be talking about it over the long term.  I have a story to tell about how I got it free and how I liked it enough to switch. Plus, you talk more about things that you see every day.
  • As a non-user, my wife may mention it if directly asked about the razor, but her experience with the product is essentially over.  Not much left to talk about, and it’s unlikely to come up in conversation.

The lesson: Free samples are a great way to start word of mouth.

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