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FTC busts ADT for using bloggers to lie to you. The punishment is excellent.

The FTC announced on Thursday that it has caught ADT paying bloggers for endorsements (on blogs as well as national TV/radio) and not disclosing it.

Folks, the rules and the law on social media ethics are clear, as I’ve been sharing for years. More here.

In addition to ending the program, ADT will now be required to get a signed confirmation that a blogger has reviewed and understands their disclosure requirements — from every blogger they work with, for the next 20 years.

How awesome of a punishment is that?

It’s all part of the FTC’s broader and more aggressive push to crack down on fake and misleading endorsements in social media. It’s also a great reminder that you’re going to get busted — and when you do, your brand will be the one making headlines, not the agency behind the campaign.

More on the settlement:

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