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General Mills & Kraft Create WOM Communities

This week General Mills and Kraft joined Procter & Gamble’s Tremor by creating their own word of mouth evangelist communities. 

Take a look: 

What does this mean? It’s proof that word of mouth marketing is an essential element of your marketing plan. When money is getting tight, you need an army of fans who talk about you because they love you.

Special kudos to General Mills for being the only one of the three to make a proper ethics commitment. Everyone who signs up has to be at least 18 and agree to this:

When you do pass on news, samples or coupons relative to those products, you agree to identify yourself as a member of General Mills’ Pssst… program.

I continue to be flabbergasted that some companies choose to ignore the most basic ethics requirements of a program like this, along with FTC regulation and UK law.

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