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Geoff Ramsey on happiness, respect, and word of mouth

I asked a few simple questions to a bunch of smart marketers.

Enjoy this great answer from Geoff Ramsey, CEO, eMarketer.

Great marketing comes down to one simple idea: Earn the respect and recommendation of your customers, and they will do the rest. What is your advice for any company that wants to …

1 … make people happy?

Give your employees a clear vision for what you expect in terms of customer service and responsiveness, and then give them full authority to deliver on it — every day, and in every way. Employees who are empowered in this way will do wonders for your customers, and most certainly make them happy.

2 … earn respect?

Be real. Be authentic. Work every day at stripping out the marketing speak that has historically been our way of “communicating” with customers. Create a “No More BS” mandate.

3 … get a word of mouth recommendation?

Put 95% of your effort towards making your product and service great (and the other 5% towards creating a viral marketing program).

Thanks, Geoff!

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