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Get immediate, simple word of mouth ideas you can start using right away

If you’ve been following along this week, you know how excited we are to announce that my book has officially launched in paperback. It’s updated and improved, but it’s still the classic that will teach you these essential word of mouth lessons:

  • The 4 rules of word of mouth marketing
  • The 3 reasons people talk about you
  • 8 detailed case studies
  • The Five Ts of word of mouth marketing
  • 6 Big Ideas: Deep stuff that changes marketing
  • How to identify your most likely talkers
  • How to get customers to leave more reviews
  • 4 elements of a great talker program
  • How to create content that can go viral
  • 4 defenses against negative word of mouth
  • How to join the online conversation
  • How to measure word of mouth

…plus dozens of stories and real-life examples of how businesses both big and small are getting people excited and talking about them.

Check out a preview by downloading the first chapter: Click here.

And if you love that, order it this week (April 30 – May 5) and we’ll send you our 16-page Word of Mouth Workbook. You’ll get new worksheets, more case studies, helpful cheat sheets, and more. Simply email your receipt from Amazon or Barnes & Noble to [email protected] and we’ll send it straight to you.

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