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Westin offers a $5 refund to any guest who wants to skip housekeeping for a day.

The official reason is about being green.

But I’m sure Westin saves a fortune not having to clean hundreds of rooms every day.

The $5 isn’t much, but it shows that both sides win on the transaction.

Lesson: How can you let your customer share in the upside?


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  1. Rick Boretsky June 25, 2010 at 6:43 am #

    I hate this idea.It sounds good in theory – who really needs their room cleaned every night. We certainly do not partake in that kind of activity in our homes each and every day. Why not save some money, save some energy, and only have housekeeping service every 2nd or 3rd day? Makes sense.
    But here is why I don’t like it. Soon, hotels will start to flip this. If you want housekeeping, it’ll cost you an extra $25 per day, so that each guest will have to choose how many nights and how ‘clean’ they want their room to be, on each trip. Just like airlines did with luggage and food. That would SUCK!! Having your room cleaned each night is NOT a luxury, it is a benefit that each and every traveler deserves. Sure, this might be a way for both travelers and hotels to save some money, but I would not want to start debating how many nights I want to have my room cleaned each trip to save a few bucks. I’d rather pay blindly for all the services and amenities a hotel provides. This Westin practice must STOP now!!

  2. Mike Johnson July 2, 2010 at 1:57 pm #

    I have a better idea to take it one step further. Why doesn’t the hotel take the five dollars and give it to the housekeeping staff as a bonus for good work. Unfortunately, during these hard times (recession) I am sure that guests are neglecting to tip those hard working individuals. Have the management make a video handing the month full of reimbursed money to the whole housekeeping staff to split amongst themselves. It would create a lot of incentive for those employees.

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