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Give away personal products to sell BtoB products

Providing free or cheap personal use is the best marketing for complex BtoB products.

Eventbrite lets you use their high-end event registration tool for free for your personal events or parties. They make their money charging a commission for big events that sell tickets.

Every big business event planner gets to fall in love with the free version, which is (of course) the one they recommend to their company.

Same thing with You can use their amazing platform for personal use for just $5/month. And you’ll be a die-hard advocate when your employer is considering a 6-figure license.

Lesson: It costs less to give the product to a prospect than to sell it to them.

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  1. Brian Goulet April 7, 2010 at 8:23 am #

    Another good example is Exaclair, Inc. They are the US importer of fine French paper and fountain pen ink (Clairefontaine, Rhodia, G. Lalo, J. Herbin…). They often give away products not just to their retailers to try, but to just about anyone who asks for them. They believe that getting these products in peoples’ hands (especially those who have blogs and will do reviews of them) will only help to spread awareness and popularity of their products. Since I’m a retailer who purchases products from Exaclair, it makes it easier for me to talk about my products since there is an awareness about them already within the fountain pen user community. Great blog Andy!

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