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Give people a reason to celebrate

Suzy Kedzierski

Suzy Kedzierski wrote in about how LinkedIn is getting great word of mouth — by giving people a reason to celebrate and share.

Suzy got an award for “Top 1% Most Viewed Profiles” — and, of course, she talked about it, blogged about it, and shared it. (Even if Top 1% = 2 million people). As she says:

But what LinkedIn has done is even more clever on several fronts.

First, it attempts to make you feel special and proud that you’re part of an elite group.

If nothing else, you may congratulate yourself on having done such a good job of self-promotion to have earned that Most Viewed status. I actually saw a few “high fives” and “pure awesomeness” self-congratulatory notes posted on Twitter®.

But the real beauty is that LinkedIn encourages those that have reached this milestone to share and spread the news with others.

Suzy points out other great examples of LinkedIn giving us great reasons to share:

Happy anniversary

And if that’s not enough, LinkedIn now has another kooky badge – “Say happy work anniversary!” … When I signed into my LinkedIn account today, up popped a message advising that one of my contacts had reached his one year work anniversary. LinkedIn had tracked his start date, and on his anniversary month, pushed that info out to all his contacts in much the same way that Facebook does with birthdays – and here’s the important part — encouraged all of us to congratulate him.

The Lesson: If you want to keep people talking about you, you need to give them fresh reasons to talk about you.

Read Suzy’s full post here. Thanks, Suzy.

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