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Happiness is the billion-dollar secret

Why would you buy from They sell full price, expensive shoes that you can get anywhere else.

Because …

  • They make us fall in love with amazing, caring service.
  • They’ll talk to us in the middle of the night about our weird feet and bunions.
  • They humor our fetish and let us order shoes we just want to fondle for a few moments.
  • And they always take our returns because they always forgive us when we make a mistake.

Happy customers are your greatest advertisers.

That’s how Zappos sold $1 billion worth of shoes last year.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, has a brand-new book called Delivering Happiness, where he teaches us exactly how to build a happiness-driven business.

Come see Tony live at our Word of Mouth Supergenius Conference, July 20 in NYC. I promise it will make you happy.

In his amazing session, Tony will talk about how to establish a culture of delivering WOW, how to help employees grow both personally and professionally, and how it can all add up to incredible word of mouth — and profits.

Click here to learn more.

GasPedal's Word of Mouth Supergenius Conference!

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