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Heinz: How Facebook generates sales and fans

heinz balsamicHeinz launched a new fancy ketchup — exclusively to their Facebook fans. (More from the NY Times.)

And they have 850,000 Facebook fans.

So many companies still don’t seem to get the benefit of social media fan base, but…

There’s no other way you could get:

  • 850,000 focus group participants
  • 850,000 influencers who will talk about your product
  • 850,000 participants in a free sample program
  • 850,000 fans who will share your ads with their friends

Here’s the amazing math: If 10% of Heinz’s fans share the new product with their Facebook friends, who have an average of 125 friends each — Heinz reaches 10.7 million people. For free.

And those 10.7 million impressions are infinitely more valuable than a TV impression, because every one comes with the personal recommendation of a friend.

If it works for ketchup, it will work for you.

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