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Heroic marketing!

How can you become a true hero? For less than you spend on a normal, boring ad?

Answer that question and you’ll become a master of word of mouth marketing.

Amazing example:

USAA paid to fly the entire Air Force team to the Navy game during the government shutdown. Whoa! The full story from USA Today:

USAA picks up Air Force’s tab for football game at Navy

United Services Automobile Association, an insurance company that caters to members of the military and their families, is paying for the Air Force football team’s entire trip to Navy this weekend — a tab of $230,000, Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation CEO Derm Coll said Friday.

“They did a great job for us,” Coll said by phone. “They’re picking up the bills for everything we need.”

With the game in jeopardy of being postponed due to the federal government shutdown, Air Force essentially tasked with raising the money for the trip through entirely private funding.

So Coll began to reach out to various supporters of Air Force athletics, including USAA, a major corporate sponsor. At lunchtime Wednesday, Coll said he had no money raised. A few hours after conversations started with USAA officials, they had pledged to pay for the whole trip.

“I was expecting we’d get $50,000 or $100,000,” Coll said. “They came back and said they’re picking up the whole thing; let’s get this game going, it’s important for us to support the military.”

The PR, word of mouth, and goodwill earned by USAA is priceless.

How are you going to blow people’s minds with a heroic gesture?



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