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How a 2-star Amazon review makes thousands of sales

EatSmart Scale

Check this out: Someone posted a two-star review for the EatSmart scale. And the company handled it so well that it’s now the best reason to buy the product. Here’s the play-by-play:

1. Here’s the full review, where a customer complained about bad batteries.

2. The company saw the complaint and immediately replaced the product. This is important: They acted proactively to fix the problem, not just apologize.

3. The customer re-wrote the review. You’re not allowed to change the 2-star rating, but the customer told the story and changed the headline to “Great customer service!

EatSmart Review

4. 2,812 readers marked the review as “Helpful”. This pushed the review to the top of the list (out of more than 5,000 reviews). Every future shopper now sees this review first or second.

5. 90 more people commented on the review. Even the comments are getting positive votes.

EatSmart Comments

6. The 2-star actually makes it MORE credible. It tells a little story with a happy ending. It’s much more believable that the usual nice review.

Lesson: Fixing problems is always your best way to earn fans. Things go wrong – it’s how you respond that matters.

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