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How can we show you our appreciation? Just ask.

AccuQuote has a really interesting blog. They sell life insurance. (Read it here.)

Lesson 1: Any company can blog well. It’s not what you sell, it’s what you say.  If you are interested in your stuff then your customers will be, too.

Sean Cheyney, their VP of Marketing, was a guest speaker in the class I teach.  He shared an fantastic story of customer feedback and customer appreciation. 

He posted the following question to the blog:

How can we show you our appreciation?

are many companies that you could choose to do business with for your
life insurance needs, but let’s say you chose AccuQuote. As a customer
of ours, we would like to do something special to show you our
appreciation. However, we’re not quite sure of the best way to do that. So, we thought we’d ask you the following question:


"As a consumer, what would you want service companies, like AccuQuote, to do in order to show you their appreciation?"

There were 314 comments to this post.  That’s amazing.

It’s also valuable.  It would have taken $100,000 in focus groups to get half that feedback, and the answers wouldn’t have been as useful or honest.  (This is a great demonstration of the ROI of blogging.)  On top of that, people love to be asked their opinion. Lots of warm feelings!

Read the full post and comments here.

Lesson 2: Forget the focus groups and surveys. Want to know what people want? Just ask. 

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