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How companies can fix a Wikipedia entry

What is the correct way for a business to get changes to a Wikipedia page?

This answer comes directly from founder Jimmy Wales, during his keynote speech to the Direct Marketing Association:

  • imageDon’t just change the page. You will look like you are trying to manipulate it unethically (even if you aren’t).
  • Every Wikipedia page has a "Discussion" tab.  Enter your questions, additions, and complaints here. 
  • The editors will read them and address them. 
  • Most important: It demonstrates that you, the business, understand correct Wikipedia etiquette.

That’s not too hard.


Important: If you try to manipulate Wikipedia for marketing purposes, you will definitely get busted.  Don’t even try it.

Read this article from Forbes by Andy Greenberg: The Perils of Wiki PR


<begin rant>

Wikipedia makes businesspeople insane. 

  1. It’s supposed to be open to everyone … except us. 
  2. The most qualified experts on a product are usually employees (especially the engineers who built it). But they are forbidden to participate or share their expertise. 
  3. Adding/fixing truly objective facts (such as features or scientific data) is considered inappropriate if it comes from a business.

Wikipedia rules should apply to the action, not the actor.  If I contribute well, I should be allowed to participate. If I break the rules, I should be thrown out and censured.  It shouldn’t matter where I work.

This anti-business bias is hard to reconcile with Wikipedia’s open and inclusive philosophy.  We all have jobs. Are we good people after 5 and evil during the day?

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