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How many million people DIDN’T hear about it?

Google share

Google has all sorts of cool apps for Chrome. 

But they hobbled the ability to share the app — the only sharing options are Gmail or Google+. 

Why is this wrong?

  • If the sharer doesn’t use those tools — the sharing can’t happen
  • If the sharer would rather share some other way (Outlook, Twitter, or Facebook) — the sharing stops
  • The whole point of viral sharing is to get new customers for the thing being shared. Not drive people to use your sharing tools.

Clearly, there are some internal politics at Google. They don’t want to support Twitter, Facebook, or other email clients. So they are hurting the Chrome App business while trying to promote their other products.  

If a customer wants to tell their friends to do business with you — let them do it any way they want. Get out of the way.

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