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How to avoid the “shiny-new-object” disease

[Here's a recent post I did for the SmartBlog on Social Media. You can follow the blog here or subscribe to the newsletter here.]

Social media is showing no signs of slowing down in terms of growth of both users and places to hang out. By and large, this is a good thing — except when your marketing department is always jumping on the latest and greatest new platform at the expense of building something that supports your brand and your word of mouth in a consistent, scalable way. You can avoid the shiny-new-object disease with a few simple questions.

What to ask:

Are our fans there? If your fans aren’t there yet, odds are you probably don’t need to be either.

Can we do it well? Success in a new social media space requires commitment, so always consider the resources required for a new community and how it may affect your relationship with fans elsewhere.

Is it here to stay? Your job isn’t to pioneer new technologies, your job is to find places to do great marketing and build the best relationships.

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