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How to create a fan community — live with Brains on Fire’s Spike Jones

We’re bringing together an all-star group of word of mouth marketers for Word of Mouth Supergenius: The “How to be Great at Word of Mouth Marketing” Conference on December 16 in Chicago. We’ll feature 12 how-to classes, 12 real-world case studies, and 6 brilliant authors. You’re going to learn practical, hands-on techniques to get people talking about you the next day.

Our lineup of speakers includes word of mouth supergenius and Brains on Fire Firstarter Spike Jones. Spike will be hosting the class “How to Create a Fan Community,” and offered these tips as a preview:

  • Find the passion conversation. To get people talking, find the topic your biggest fans love; it’s what Spike calls the “passion conversation.” To find it, Spike recommends asking questions such as: How do my customers use my product? How does it fit into their lives? How does it work for them?
  • Create a barrier to entry. By encouraging community members to put a stake in the game early on, everyone is invested from day one.
  • Establish a powerful identity. Everyone wants to believe in something bigger than themselves.

Hear Spikes’s live Supergenius preview (and check out our Facebook page to see all our interviews):

GasPedal's Word of Mouth Supergenius Conference!

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