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How to create offline word of mouth — live with Saul Colt from Word of Mouth Supergenius

GasPedal's Word of Mouth Supergenius Conference!As a preview for our upcoming Word of Mouth Supergenius event in New York on July 20th, we’re featuring a bunch of the videos from our last “How to be Great at Word of Mouth Marketing” event in Chicago.

It’s going to be an amazing day filled with 12 how-to classes, 12 real-world case studies, and 6 brilliant authors. You’ll walk away with a notebook full of practical ideas to start earning more referrals and recommendations the very next day.

You’re going to love it. Here’s a preview of the experience featuring Saul Colt on how to create amazing offline word of mouth.

Saul’s big idea: Develop a lifestyle of trying new word of mouth topics. (Saul tries about 100 a month and doubles down on the ones that work.)

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