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How to get a blogger to write about you


  1. Get to know them and what they write
  2. Send them a nice note with something interesting


  1. Send a form letter +
  2. a fake "how are you" and +
  3. a token "I really liked your story about ____" and …
  4. an irrelevant PR pitch

It is OK to hire a PR firm to help you contact bloggers, but be sure you:

  1. Hire a firm with proven, long-term, personal relationships with the bloggers
  2. Supervise them very, very closely
  3. Insist on complete disclosure of the relationship
  4. Do NOT let them delegate the job to a junior account exec
  5. Review every email that is being sent on your behalf

A good rule of thumb: Do not trust someone to pitch a blogger for you who has never eaten food with the blogger.

If your PR firm embarrasses your company, you take the reputation hit forever. They move on to the next client.

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