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How to get followers: Just ask

Want to get a ton of Facebook fans and Twitter followers?  Just ask.

  • On the side of every web page
  • In your email correspondence
  • Most important: on the Thank You page after every order.  Someone just gave you cash — why wouldn't they be your friend?

Think about how many fans you'd have if 20% of your customers followed you.  Think about how many new customers you'll get if those fans start re-tweeting and sharing your offers.

Here are some great examples from the very tasty Adagio Tea.  They ask you to be their friend, and let you follow order status on Twitter.

image image


(Check out their entire site  – it's full of smart word of mouth tactics.)

P.S. Ignore these "get a zillion followers" schemes on Twitter. They are mostly spams and scams.

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