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How To Get Me To Choose Your Competitor

Here is a great post from Debbie Levitt, sent to me by Steve Kennedy. She says it better than I could, so here it is.  This happens to me every week.

So I’ve been playing with Salesforce and the applications that can be installed into Salesforce. I’ve been demo’ing and testing all kinds of apps. I ran into one that I wanted to try. I couldn’t just try it. They asked me to fill out a form to get a demo license of some sort.

OK, I filled it out. A day or two went by. I got an email from a sales guy asking me a handful of questions (8 I think there were) about my company and needs. I answered immediately. I waited days.

By the time the guy left me a voice mail, I had already selected another product. How? Because that product let me install a trial version right into Salesforce, right away. So we started using it. When we had a problem, that company supported us immediately. We fell in love with the app, and now we’re done.

The sales guy called again on Friday. I told him we chose another app, and I told him why. He was like, “Let me give you my phone number.” I said no thanks. I won’t choose their company for anything, ever, and why?

Because they treated their product like it was a freaking secret.

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