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How to get more word of mouth for your blog

[Here’s a recent post I did for the SmartBlog on Social Media. You can follow the blog here or subscribe to the newsletter here.]

Although there’s a lot of buzz about tools like Twitter, the blog is still a foundational component to a healthy social-media strategy. That said, there’s a lot you can do to make your content easier to share and discover.

What to do:

Announce new posts through Twitter. People love to forward good content via Twitter, so be sure to mix in new post announcements along with your regular Twitter updates.

Connect your blog to Facebook. Through Facebook, you can automatically import new posts as “notes” as well as set your status to share links to your new content.

Put it in an e-mail. Email is still the king of easily forwarded content, so offer e-mail subscriptions along with your regular RSS options.

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