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How to get word of mouth for a conference, #2

Warning: The second installment in ““earn how to get people talking about you with just a t-shirt” may not be safe for work! There are half-naked men and giant Charlie Browns.

Check out the first post and watch this video to see what it’s all about.

It works! Read these great posts from our speakers. Notice how they are writing about the conference in detail instead of just a quick tweet.

imageAllan Schoenberg

I was intrigued by the box that was delivered to my office last week from GasPedal. Holiday candy? A new tech gadget? No, wait…Andy sent me another copy of his book!  No. I unwrapped to my dismay a very large, yellow, personalized t-shirt. Thanks Andy. The obvious idea behind the t-shirt is to promote the “Word of Mouth Supergeniuses” conference taking place right here in Chicago on December 16. And it worked. Read more …

imageAndy Nulman

The day is a major-league learning opportunity.  Case studies from mega-brands like Coke, Starbucks, Domino’s and Maker’s Mark bourbon.  Numerous social networking experts. Live “Will It Blend” demos from Blendtec’s George Wright.  Timely, too, given the aforementioned network launch. (And any time I can hang with fellow speakers Mitch Joel and Saul Colt, and my Chicago-based buddy Jim Fannin, well…) Read more…

imageSaul Colt

Now my Mom isn’t the only one who thinks I am a genius. There are bunch of people who do it very well and a big chunk of them will be speaking (with myself) at the World of Mouth Supergenius event in Chicago on December 16. Shameless plug aside this post isn’t bout the conference and more about what the organizers did to promote the event… I love offering discounts to people who read my blog and perhaps like to follow what I am up to. It makes perfect sense that a conference about Word of Mouth marketing would do something Word of Mouth worthy so for that I am getting on the bandwagon and joining folks like Jason Falls and writing a post about my shirt…but unlike Jason I can’t show you a photo cause my shirt is being held at Canadian Customs or something so I just made my own :) Read more…

And a video entry from Rod Brooks:

Join me at the Word of Mouth Supergenius conference in Chicago on December 16th. I’ll be one of a dozen speakers with case studies too good to miss. Hear from some pretty terrific authors too. Find out how PEMCO tuned in to their customers’ wants and needs to build relationships with their fans. And you can save big if you read the secret (well not really secret) words on the big shirt that I’m wearing. Hint: RODISMYHERO

Come to the conference!

GasPedal's Word of Mouth Supergenius Conference!

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