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How to get word of mouth for a conference with a t-shirt

Learn how to get people talking about you with just a t-shirt. Watch this:

It works! Read these great posts from our speakers. Notice how they are writing about the conference in detail instead of just a quick tweet.


Jason Falls

Learn Word-Of-Mouth With The Supergeniuses: When I got home Thursday, I had a package waiting. It was from Andy Sernovitz, the Word-Of-Mouth guru. Andy has invited me to speak at a one day event he’s putting on in Chicago Dec. 16 called, “Word of Mouth Supergeniuses.” You can learn more on the event website, but keep reading first. Read more …


Paul Gillin

A Bit of Inspired Word of Mouth: “I’m participating in the Word-Of-Mouth SuperGenius conference that’s being run in Chicago next month by Andy Sernovitz and his crew at GasPedal. It’s been a kick to watch the organizers drink their own Kool-Aid whilst promoting the event. The buttons, banners and custom discount code were nice, but the T-shirt that arrived in the mail yesterday was truly inspired. Talk about one-to-one marketing! Read more…

imageLindsay Lebresco

So right-I’m stooping to a new low people- I’m advertising a conference on my shirt! Actually I thought this was a fun idea & I’m a fun gal so I figured I’d give it a go. It’s for an upcoming conference I’m speaking at called “Word of Mouth Supergenius” and it’s a great, how-to conference about implementing social media & word of mouth marketing strategies. Great group of “SuperGeniuses” to learn from and chat with. (Read her Facebook post …)

Come to the conference!

GasPedal's Word of Mouth Supergenius Conference!

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