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How to have a great conversation in social media

Smart thoughts from Molson’s very smart social media chief Ferg Devins on how to think about controversy, debate, and personal opinion when you’re doing social media on behalf of a company.

I think what we’ve learned is, that if you put your back against the wall and deal from the heart, and with the facts, it is what it is. So, if you’re dealing in that kind of environment, you can engage in any conversation.

You’re not going to say that you agree with everything that’s being said in the social space about you, but if you can gain respect from people — like I’ve always said, ‘I respect the perspective of any beer drinker or consumer out there whether they like mainstream beer or like a craft beer, or for that matter whether they like wine or spirits — I respect perspectives.’

What I want back is that they respect my perspective or our company’s perspective — and then you can engage in one really robust conversation in the social space.

If you’ve got that respect for you happening on both sides, then I think it’s wide open. And you don’t need to be cautious because if you’re dealing from the heart, with facts, you can let any conversation unfold.

From the the “Social to Tribal” podcast:

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