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How to impress a prospect who isn’t quite ready to buy

An important sales lesson: Sometimes the best way to make a sale is to stop selling and do something selfless.

I was talking with a personal trainer, but I’m not ready to sign up right now because I’ll be traveling non-stop for a few months.

Instead of trying to pressure me or convince me to sign up anyway, she sent me a hotel-room workout plan. Great idea. I’m impressed and much more likely to call back when I’m ready to buy.

P.S. If you’re in Austin, meet Ashli McKee.

P.P.S. Here’s her hotel workout advice:

Warm-up with 25 jumping jacks.

The Circuit:
Crab Dips (description:
Squats (
Oblique Twists (

Cool-down with 25 jumping jacks.

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