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How to lose 10 – 50% of sales with bad email practices

imageWhen someone asks to be removed from your email list, it has to be INSTANT.  Same day, right now, never get another message.

Yes, the CAN-SPAM law says you have a few days. But it doesn't matter, because leaving someone on your email list after they unsubscribe is just dumb.

What happens?

  1. The customer gets angrier and angrier with each message.
  2. They don't buy again. Just because they didn't want your email didn't mean they weren't still shopping.
  3. They block your mail.  Now you can never reach them again.
  4. They report you as a spammer.

And that's when it gets bad.  Every time you get reported as a spammer, more ISPs block your mail.  It starts with a few, then gets bigger and bigger. 


  1. 10 – 50% of your email doesn't get seen. 
  2. You just lost 10 – 50% of email marketing revenue.
  3. Email marketing executive gets fired.

Properly unsubscribing on the first request is 1999 technology. Get it right.

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