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How to promote a comedy troupe in Buffalo

1. Start the “Buffalo Local Comedy” Facebook group.

2. Become the hub of news and announcements (and the neutral player).

3. Offer to post every other artist's show in town.

4. Make it clear that there’s a friendly expectation that if you push their shows to your group members, they will do the same for your shows.

5. Attract the public (and promote shows) by posting video clips of great local comedy.

6. When you’re ready to promote your own show, you’ll have the ability to reach tons of local fans — and a team of local artists who will promote you to their fans.

7. You will be a local star / impresario. People will ask you to be involved in their shows. Attractive people will want to date you.

8. This will take 1 hour to set up, 15 minutes a week to maintain. 

9. It’s free.

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