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How to scare away new customers

We ordered a sample pack of a new kind of computer paper. We even paid $10 for the samples. They charged us $10 shipping.

We ordered $150 worth of parts from a catalog on our first order. We forgot a few things, so we bought $20 more. There was a $4 ‘small order fee’.

There are certain moments when you know you just found a new customer: First phone call, first visit, asking for samples, new customer buys twice in a week.

Set up a process to identify these actions. Give them extra samples. Send them links to how-to videos. Include a coupon for a free upgrade on the second order. Have the CEO call. Send a thank-you note. Do whatever it takes to get them to come back for a second order.

(When you order from, they call a few days later offering help and will even send extra parts, for free, if you need them.)

Getting a new customer is hard. Don’t blow it. Impress them instead.

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