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How to use a blog to handle a crisis

WindsorONE sells high-end specialty lumber products. The earthquake in Chile disrupted two of their mills down there, causing delays in shipping and temporary price hikes.

Their response is an example of how it should be handled:

  • CEO Craig Flynn started a blog for customers and partners.
  • There are no press releases or PR spin.
  • It just says what’s happening – good news and bad.
  • Updates are frequent and clear.
  • The WindsorONE homepage links right to the blog.
  • Readers can subscribe by RSS and email for updates.
  • This whole project cost nothing.

This is a model for all crisis communications. Just be open and honest with people. Don’t complicate it.

I guarantee that WindsorONE is earning respect and trust that will earn them customers for life.

The Blog (also check out the About page) | WindsorONE homepage

Chile Earthquake Relief

UPDATE: Craig just announced he’s sending out copies of my book to WindsorONE partners and is offering to sponsor amazing word of mouth marketing ideas.

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