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How to waste a viral lead-generation opportunity

I wanted to share a video with you.

It is from an industry conference where I spoke on a panel. It was really interesting, there was amazing data shared, and it would have looked great on this blog.

The video is shared on the company’s website, so I assume that 1) it’s public, 2) they want people to watch it, and 3) they shared it to attract new customers.

But … they turned off the bit where I can embed the video in my blog. And a blog post describing a video is pretty boring. So I did what most bloggers would do — I skipped it and moved on to write the next post.

What a lost opportunity.

If you want to use content to attract customers, make it sharable:

  1. Easy to paste or embed in a blog or on Facebook
  2. Hosted on a popular service like YouTube, Vimeo, or Slideshare — because people already know how to share things from those sites (proprietary players are more work and less effective)
  3. Surrounded by clear titles, tags, and descriptions that lead people back to your site
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