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How to work with influential talkers

Influencers are powerful talkers that can spread amazing word of mouth for you. Their recommendations are often more effective at bringing in new customers than any sales pitch or ad campaign you could ever create.

Influencers are people we trust. Sometimes they’re bloggers, sometimes they’re journalists – but more often they’re teachers, plumbers, and PTA members. They’re people like us.

Learn how to connect with all types of influencers from Jake McKee. Jake is part of our all-star lineup for our Word of Mouth Crash Course in Austin on May 10. We’re featuring 12 how-to classes, 12 real-world case studies, and 6 brilliant authors.

Before co-founding Ant’s Eye View, Jake was the Global Community Relations Specialist for the LEGO Company, where he spent five years on the front lines of customer-company interaction, specifically working to change the way the company thought about and engaged with their most loyal fans and customers. Jake’s an expert at finding influencers and helping them talk, and you’re going to love his class on how to work with influential talkers.

As a preview of what you’ll experience, here’s a video of Jake speaking at one of our past word of mouth events:

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