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How WindsorONE earns incredible BtoB word of mouth

We’re bringing together a fantastic group of word of mouth marketers for our Word of Mouth Crash Course in Austin on May 10. We’re featuring 12 how-to classes, 12 real-world case studies, and 6 brilliant authors – all in one thrilling day.

WindsorONE’s Brian Bunt, Craig Flynn, and Emily Albinski are part of our amazing lineup. Together, they’re going to share their story of how – as a lumber company – they’re creating fantastic word of mouth.

As a preview, we spoke with Brian and asked for a few tips on how they do it. What we covered:

  • Why great word of mouth requires trying a lot of ideas and seeing what sticks.
  • Why great word of mouth doesn’t require social media or high-tech tools.
  • How Brian and his team start word of mouth chain reactions by focusing on “the talker behind the talker.”

Listen to Brian’s interview:

Register and learn more about the Word of Mouth Crash Course: Click here

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