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I can’t tell you about this

Seriously, I can’t.

I was at the mall and some guy in a kiosk was selling special iPhone screen protectors that are supposedly better-feeling, better-working, and don’t fall off. With a lifetime guarantee. For $20. My regular screen protectors keep falling off or getting bubbles, so I decided to try it.

It’s amazing! You should get one. I show it to everyone, every time I pull out my phone.

But here’s the big word-of-mouth lesson: I have no idea what it’s called. I don’t know the name of the store. There is no brand name, no package, nothing to tell me how to tell people about it (except “walk around this mall and there is a kiosk somewhere.”)

What’s missing is what we call a “word of mouth tool” — the thing that helps you tell a friend. It can be a sticker, a flyer, a link … anything that makes a referral easy.

How would your customers tell their friends about you?

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