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If you want word of mouth, ask for it.


I bought these cool cufflinks from (How could I resist? Cufflinks + Ethics!)

They nailed the word of mouth follow-up perfectly.

1. A great follow-up email, asking for feedback and referrals

Dear Andy Sernovitz,

This is a quick note from the team here at the to check that everything was OK with your order.

We’d love to receive your feedback on service relating to your order and your overall experience in shopping with us.

Join in the discussion by writing a product review or commenting on your favourite Ethical Superstore product.  Each month, we’ll reward the author of our favourite hint, tip or review with a £50 Ethical Superstore voucher.

Kind regards,
Elaine Fleck,
Sales & Marketing Manager

2. Put something sharable in the box.

Check out this great postcard that asks for referrals, feedback, and proactively offers to fix any problems.


The lesson:  Word of mouth is easy. Say "please" and "thank you".

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