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If your office is raving about it, your customers will too

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Guess what? The passionate conversations you have at work that spread throughout the entire office, that’s word of mouth. We’re not talking about the daily email threads or the normal work stuff that you have to talk about to get the job done — it’s about the unusual stuff that gets your whole office excited.

It’s about when Peregrine falcons lay eggs on your rooftop.

At least, that’s what got the whole building buzzing at Campbell Ewald, an ad agency in Detroit. Since everyone in the office was excited about it, they figured other people would be too. (Who doesn’t want to see baby falcons hatch?)

So they took the rare event as an opportunity to show off their skills with something they knew people would talk about and share: a live cam of the falcon family on their roof. They created a logo, built a Tumblr, and thought up a hashtag so anyone could follow what was going on with the eggs.

While falcons don’t have a lot to do with their services, they knew it was something people would talk about and share anyway. Meanwhile, Campbell Ewald was showing off all the cool stuff they could do with something as simple as a bird’s nest.

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