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I’m an idiot

Today was an embarrassing day.

It was supposed to be a great day.  We launched a brand-new email newsletter.  We were all very excited.

So excited, in fact, that we sent the newsletter to the wrong email list. We spammed our best friends.

Then I made it worse.  I sent an apology to the list.  But the poorly-worded apology made it appear that the original mistake, and the apology, were both shameless scams to promote our new newsletter.

I’m getting a ton of angry email from friends who think I broke their trust.  Worse, I’m getting a ton of emails congratulating me on my supposed cleverness.  So even the people who like us think we spammed them as a marketing stunt.

This is horrible and embarrassing.

My career and philosophy are based entirely on teaching trust and ethics. For years I actually made my living fighting spammers and teaching companies how to use email ethically.

For the record: This was not our intent, we would never do such a thing, and I’m sorry.

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