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Insights from the DFW men’s room

Flush_3With apologies to the ladies …

1. Every time I see this very common urinal flusher, I think that if I push the button then a giant hand is going to poke the top of my head. (Click photo for closeup.)

2. I finally saw one of the new Dyson Air Blades, which is supposed to reinvent the hand dryer and save a ton of electricity. Josh Goldman explains it well on CrunchGear.  It worked pretty well, but most people had no idea what it is and reached for a paper towel.   But … demonstrating a product in an airport is a great way to get word of mouth.  There is no place with more bored people with time to watch a demo


3.  People look at you funny when you take snapshots in the men’s room.  And when a cop asks what you’re doing, "I’m blogging" sounds dirtier than it is.

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  1. Josh Hallett August 31, 2007 at 8:53 am #

    Did you see any Senators in there?

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