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It turns out that when we build our businesses around a single shot at getting someone’s attention for a short term gain today…

…  we’re wasting an opportunity to build a business that endures.

That headline is from an insightful post by Bernadette Jiwa. She continues:

Headlines designed to bring as many strangers to your blog as possible this week, might not make for a community of evangelists in the long run.There’s something that’s harder to cultivate than attention. Something that there is no formula for getting. Something that can’t be captured, but has to be nurtured instead.

That thing is connection and belonging…

The smart brands of the new millennium have thrived on this notion of building for belonging. The Apples, Starbucks’ and the Airbnbs of the world understand that they are playing a long game. They understand that the conversation isn’t over after the first interaction, and they find ways to bake the chances of another connection into their company’s infrastructure and DNA.

Read her full post here.

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