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It’s good to have friends in high places — a big thanks to Spike Jones and Fleishman-Hillard

When you’re new in town, it helps to have a friend show you around. It’s especially helpful if that friend happens to be Spike Jones — a brilliant, talented, and all around friendly guy who knows a thing or two about word of mouth marketing.

We begged him to let us hang out with him and his Fleishman-Hillard team for a week while our new office was getting set up in Austin — and like that old college buddy on your couch, we made sure to stick around for an extra week or so.

We would have been happy with a folding table and a lawn chair, but Spike and the Fleishman crew really took care of us:


A corner office? Skyline views? Friendly people? A fridge full of treats? (Those were for everyone, right?)

A big, huge thanks to Spike and the rest of the Fleishman-Hillard crew for their hospitality. We’re going to miss you guys.

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