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It’s not over when you turn in your homework

Some advice for recent college graduates entering the corporate world:

In college, you finish a paper, you take the test, you get to the end of the semester — and you’re done. You can walk away and move on to the next project. No looking back.

At work, it’s the opposite. You win when you take and keep responsibility. You own a project, you see it through, you take responsibility, and you make sure it works great for the long term. When it’s time for you to move on, you are responsible for handing off your knowledge and work to the next owner, and you’re not done until they own it.

The people who advance aren’t the ones who knock out as many projects as they can as fast as they can (even if they are great at it). The people who get promoted show longevity, responsibility, and prove they can be counted on to see it through. Do this, and you’ll be trusted with a more important project, not just another project.

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