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It’s not about the mistakes, it’s how you handle them

Important lesson: It’s not when you screw up, it’s how you fix it that counts. We all make mistakes, but a problem solved is one of the best ways to get people talking about you.

(That may actually be more of a sad comment on the state of customer service these days … that we’re so surprised when a company steps up and does the right thing that we run out and tell everyone.)

Enjoy this great example of the best kind of WOM from my friend Nick Hall, about great problem-solving from Nursery Works after they came home from the hospital with a new baby.

I wanted to pass along a great example of how to build effective word of mouth for your company.

We purchased a rocker back in late February with the expectation that we would get it just after we brought Reece home. We received two calls from the retailer that the rocker was delayed and the shipment date went from April to now more like July/August. Obviously we (especially Jenn) were frustrated.

We contacted the manufacturer directly. Turns out it is a small startup based here in LA called Nursery Works . I sent an email to their info@ address. You never know where that is going to go. Within 36 hours I received a call directly from one of the co-founders, Traci Fleming. She felt horrible about the situation but explained that because they had an issue during the manufacturing process of this particular rocker that there were simply none available. To make up for it, she is having one of their current rockers and an ottoman delivered to us for our use until the new rocker is available plus the ottoman for the new rocker and $100 off our next purchase.

I have always felt the best opportunity for great word of mouth marketing is turning a disgruntled customer into a happy customer. There was a reason they were your customer in the first place. Now you have a reason to show them how much you care. How many people do you think we have told already? At least a dozen if not more. How many more dozens will we tell. Probably a dozens upon dozens.

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