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Jenny Lawson is what blogging is all about. (Live in Austin tonight.)


A great writer found her voice, a audience, and a career by writing great stuff. Great, funny, and deeply inappropriate stuff. Jenny Lawson is the funniest blogger.

Her fans love her — and they show it with hundreds of comments, tweets, likes and shares on every post.

More important: She did it the right way — by loving her fans back, building relationships, and creating content worth sharing. (She didn’t sell out like so many mommy bloggers do, grubbing for free samples and selling their reviews for cash.)

Read Jenny’s writing and you’ll be a fan too. (But don’t read it at work. It’s rude, in all the right ways. Unless you’re hiding in a stall. And don’t mind people wondering why you’re laughing out loud while pooping.)

Her new book is fantastic. Her blog is a must-read.

She’s doing a live book-signing in Austin tonight.

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