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Join the next WOM Slam

Join Jeremy Epstein on March 31 for the next Washington, DC WOM Slam.  It's a great concept he invented, and winners will get copies of my book.

A WOM Slam (See the Twitter activity of the first WOMSlam) is a fast-paced networking/educational/business solutions event where smart people come together to generate Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing ideas for the client of the night.

The attendees generate a number of cost-effective, easy to implement ideas which will give customers and clients a reason to tell their friends about the client. That is, after all, the purpose of WOM.

The "client" (a real business with real problems) provides a briefing, the attendees collaborate and present their ideas, and winners (multiple) are chosen.

Meanwhile, people are networking and having a great time.

To participate, join the Facebook Group or go here.

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