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Learn how to create your social media policy

We’re hosting another social media ethics training session in Atlanta on November 8. Click here for details.

The way we see it: Social media is bigger than all of us, and it’s up to us as marketers to protect and defend it from unethical, sleazy practices. We have the chance now to do something good for the future of social media. This is our time to save social media, our brands, and our jobs.

At our upcoming BlogWell in Atlanta on November 8, we’ll walk through how to do this at your company. We’ll cover:

  • The Three Guides for Safe Social Media Outreach
  • The “Never Pay, Use Real Disclosure, and Don’t Lie to Your Mom” rules of thumb
  • The 10 Magic Words to ensure proper and complete disclosure
  • The three questions all forms of disclosure should answer
  • Where the biggest risks and pitfalls are
  • How to create a social media policy at your brand
  • What you should be asking your vendors

Learn more about the conference and register here:

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