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Learn how to get people talking about your business, your idea, your art, or your cause

WoMM 3D-1 book with spineYou can have amazing word of mouth.

The Word of Mouth Marketing Book is a fun, practical, hands-on guide that will teach you how. The new, improved paperback and ebook editions came out this week.

What sparks the irrepressible enthusiasm of Apple, IKEA, Harley-Davidson, Southwest, Zappos, and Patagonia fans?

Why is everyone talking about a certain restaurant, car, band, or dry cleaner — and why are other businesses and products ignored? Why do some products become huge successes without a penny of promotion — and why do some multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns fail to get noticed?

In this book, I’ll teach you exactly how you can create passionate, loyal fans that do your marketing for you, for free.

We’re going to get specific: where to start, what to do, and how to make it successful. You’ll learn how to use word of mouth to become more profitable, how to spend less on marketing, and how to make your customers happier.

You’ll learn how to be that remarkable company people want to share with their friends.

Bonus for you: If you buy the book from Amazon this week only (April 30 — May 5), I’ll send you a 16-page workbook (PDF) to help you get started. You’ll get new worksheets, more case studies, helpful cheat sheets, and more. To claim your bonus, email a copy of your receipt from or to [email protected].

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