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Let me try a demo — instantly

imageI just had a great experience with shopping cart software company Interspire. I’m not a customer, but I’m looking for shopping cart solutions.

Within 30 seconds of hearing about them, I was using their live demo to experience the product. I get it, I like it, and I’ve already sent the demo link to my team.

Instant live demos will always kick the butt of overly complicated sales strategies like:

  • Fill out the form and we’ll call you later.
  • Can we set up a meeting with our salespeople to show this to you?
  • I can’t tell you the price, but I’d love to talk about your needs.
  • Here’s a canned video.
  • Here’s a white paper.

Do you believe in your product? Then let prospects get their hands on it as fast as you can.

P.S. A real human at Interspire emailed me within 15 minutes, too.

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