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Lies about Native Advertising

There’s a ton of money to be made in native advertising. In fact, it’s the most profitable and growing form of advertising.

It’s also fundamentally deceptive and dishonest. The definition of native advertising is “making your ads look like some other editorial content” — so people click on them, not knowing that they are ads. 

Now there a wave of new research that justifies native ads as being effective. Because people click on them and share them.

Except that the researchers forget to mention or ask:

  • Did people click willingly — or were they tricked?
  • Did people share willingly, knowing it was an ad — or were they tricked?
  • What percentage of viewers now hate the brand for trying to trick them?
  • What is the ratio of brand damage to ad impressions? 
  • Are you getting one-sided reports from people who sell native ads, that only share the positive?

Be wary when the person selling you a service is also doing the research that tells you it’s working. 

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