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Liz! How good blogging is great for search engine ranking

Google "Liz".  Just "Liz".  (Click here to do it.)

Who do you see?  Liz Claiborne, Liz Hurley, Liz Taylor? Sure.

But a whole lot of those top 10 results are Liz Strauss, blogger goddess

Liz is a good blogger, but more important is that she has tons of fans who link to her regularly.  It makes her not just a blogging star, but a Google star too.  I guarantee that a lot of marketers are paying megabucks to get the same level of search engine visibility. 

Lesson:  Blogging is your #1 search engine optimization tool.  It will easily justify the time/cost of one person writing one interesting paragraph each day.

P.S. Google "word of mouth marketing" — I get more than my share of pages too.

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