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Make it easy for a fan to become a spokesperson

Don’t complicate the process of signing people up to become a company evangelist.

Lululemon lets any fitness instructor get a 10% discount on the spot. They check the gym’s web site, look for the instructor’s name, and sign them up. (They don’t care if you teach one class or fifty. You’ll stand in front of a room full of people wearing their logo.)

Blick Art Materials does the same thing. Show them a faculty ID card from any school and they instantly hand you a 10%-off-for-life card. (They don’t care if you teach art or driver’s ed. You’ll send your students to them for supplies.)

This is how it should be done.

Too many programs like this get killed because the company over-complicates it with long applications requesting proof that the potential evangelist is worthy or famous enough.

If someone wants to talk about you — just get out of the way and get them talking.

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